Marriage Records - from Parish Registers

Marriages entries on Parish Registers will, generally, include the names of the couple married and the names of the witnesses. In some cases, a place of residence will be given for one or each of the couple married. The only other information that can be expected is a note on whether Banns were dispensed with or that the couple were consanguine, that is, shared a common ancestor.

Unlike Baptismal Registers, the first names were often entered in English rather than Latin.

Most of the Parish Register Marriage entries on this site have been taken from the transcriptions of and cover, depending on the parish in question, from sometime in the 1820s to about 1900. For most marriages post-1870, the Civil Register of marriages has been used as the source as explained in Marriages from Civil Registers.

Details of what marriage records are online on can be seen on that site or in my book Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors.