Marriages from the Civil Register

Marriage records in this collection that are taken from the Civil Register are sourced in one of two ways:

  1. From the transcriptions on, and sometimes, depending on whether there were reasons to check the transcription, by accessing, where available, a copy of the register on Rootsireland records cut-off at 1920 and all any marriages included after this year were accessed solely from as in #2 below
  2. All marriages after 1920, and some, as outlined above, from before that year, were accessed using the official register entry on

Bear in mind that non-Catholic marriages from 1845 onwards were entered in the Civil Register though as of now (Summer 2018) the online registers on do not cover years before 1870 or beyond 1941.

Civil Register entries give the names and residences of the couple married, their fathers' names and occupations, and the names of the witnesses.

As a general rule, I have assumed people married in their native areas. This is a reasonably safe assumption for women prior to say 1920, as they tended to marry in their home parishes. It is less safe for men at any point, as they tended to marry in the bride's native parish. If a person had a rare name, and that's rare enough in this collection, I may have been able to find the marriage if it took place in some other part of Ireland. If the name is one frequently found then if it took place outside of the person's native district then in general it was not searched for.