In my ongoing research into the genealogical history of several families from south County Leitrim I have encountered numerous instances of variant spellings of surnames. These pages provide some basic listings of a selection of these variants.

The Menu bar (near top of screen) provides 4 options:

  1. How to Use
    • This contains simple instructions on how to best use these Surname pages
  2. Surnames and Variants
    • This page shows a long list of around 570 Surnames; it can be scrolled through and selecting any name on it will present bring the user to a screen showing the chosen surname and its variants
  3. Search for Surnames
    • This allows a search of the listing of surnames
  4. Inventory
    • This is a non-interactive listing of all the surnames, split into 4 sections.

The Side bar (left of screen) contains background notes on the data, and also a button for returning to the Your Leitrim Ancestors site.