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Welcome to Your Leitrim Ancestors, dedicated to helping you find your County Leitrim Roots. If your ancestors come from the county this site could help you find them.

If your ancestors came from any part of county Leitrim, and you're looking for ideas of how and where to search for information on their origins, then Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors by Tom Coughlan is a book specifically written for anyone researching Leitrim roots, with explanations of what data can be found and where to find it.

If your ancestors came from the southern part of the county, then there is a reasonable chance they, or people close to them, are mentioned somewhere on this website.

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Important Note

This website provides data on only a selected number of people from the in-scope areas. As at late 2022 that is highly unlikely to change. If you can't find the persons of interest to you, the chances are that they will not be added to this site. 

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