What Next?

The information shown on this website is freely supplied. All I would ask of anybody intending to use it in their own research is that (a) images from the site are not copied and (b) that the site is acknowledged as the source of data if that data is taken directly from it and entered into some family history project.

Doing Your Own Research

There is no secret at how the data presented has been gathered. The Sources section and the Notes on the Data section should between them provide sufficient clues to enable those interested in conducting their own research find the people shown on the database and satisfy themselves as to the accuracy and reliability of the data.

This is something I would encourage. No transcription can ever be as reliable a source as an original record and while I have not knowingly made errors the reality is that with around 7,000 people covered there must be some.

By using the indexes and search facility you should be able to determine if people of interest to you are included in the online collection. Bear in mind that this should continue to grow over time and revisits could prove worthwhile.

What if you Want More?

The detailed pages are clearly highly summarised, showing only names, lifespans and basic relationships.

Behind every single detailed page lies data that is not shown online. In some cases, this might amount to little more than a name and birth date; in others it could include birth, baptism, marriage, census listings, children's names, widow-hood, death and burial, and perhaps even other odd records such as land occupancy, police service, probate, notable events.

The contents of the information held offline can be purchased, for a relatively small fee. Please see Detailed Report for an example of how this information will be supplied and what will be supplied. Details on cost and how to purchase are on Services Offered.