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About the Author

This website has been compiled by me, Tom Coughlan, a professional genealogist, to

  • promote my book on Leitrim genealogical research 
  • place freely available online outlines of the data I have collected on over 10,000 people born or descended from people born in the southern part of the county
  • To offer the free provision of limited extracts from my database by way of specific 'Detailed Report'.


"A native of Co Dublin, Tom Coughlan spent many of the summers of his childhood in his maternal grandparents’ home in Bornacoola, Co Leitrim, thus beginning a life-long love for the county. He first began to investigate his own family history around 1990 and from this developed a passion for genealogical research. To further this Tom studied for the National University of Ireland’s Certificate in Genealogy and Family History, attaining the certificate in 2008, and followed this by attaining that university’s Diploma in Genealogy and Family History in 2009. His mini-thesis for the Diploma was on Cloonmorris Graveyard in Co Leitrim.

Armed with these qualifications Tom has offered professional genealogical research services since 2008, and has worked on behalf of numerous clients from many parts of the world. His researches have so far covered every county in Ireland except Derry but his primary interest has always been in Co Leitrim.

In addition to his research work, Tom has provided genealogy courses, had a number of articles published, and was a member of the Ancestor Network and Eneclann consortium providing free genealogy advice to visitors to the National Library of Ireland and the National Archives of Ireland. In 2018 his book Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors was published by Flyleaf Press.

Tom currently lives in Co Leitrim where he is engaged in a long-term, wide-ranging study of many aspects of the county’s genealogical story."