Sample Detail Page

The picture below shows a sample of a detailed page. I have chosen this man as his details help illustrate most aspects of what is on offer.


The various elements of the page are numbered to the right of each element in Red. The following shows the content of each item.

No. Content
1 The person's name - that is the name of the subject of this detailed record
2 The subject's gender (M - Male or F - Female), and life span in years. Unsure dates are stated as Circa, After or Before. Death is left blank if no details are known
3 Pop Up pedigree chart
4 Parents' names  and lifespans. Only one parent is listed if there is no information at all on the other
5 Person's place and date of birth. If the birth is derived from a baptismal record only, it is shown as "b" or "before" the date of baptism. And if the birth is derived from a baptismal record then if a place detail is given on the baptismal record it is assumed to be the place of birth.
6 Person's place and date of baptism. Only shown when captured in research. Generally, if a civl birth record has been found for the person, the baptismal details are not shown.
7 Person's place and date of death. If an actual death record has not been found, then if there is some other indication of the death, it will be noted as a "before" date
8 Person's country of birth - see Origins
9 Person's county of birth, if in Ireland  - see Origins
10 Person's parish of birth, if in Leitrim  - see Origins
11 Leitrim Parish associated with the person - see Associated Leitrim Parish. This shows which of the Parishes (see People Included and Places) the earliest known ancestor of the person was associated with. If a person married someone whose Parish is known, but that person's parish is not known, or is outside the scope of this study, then that person's parish is set to that of his or her spouse.
12 Under family, the person's spouse's name and lifespan appears here. If the spouse is unknown no name will appear here
13 The names and lifespans of the subject's children appear here, each preceded by a bullet point. Children who themselves had children appear as shown, with a "+" after their names
14 When I am satisfied that all reasonable checks on a person have been made a Research Complete marker is placed here. If there is no marker then I hope to learn more on the person at some future point. See Status Notes
15 Family Line research status - See Status Notes

As always, clicking on any name on this page will bring you to the detailed page of that person.