The geography section of this site aims to provide contextual information about the locations of people and places within the scope of this study.

It is assumed that anyone referencing these pages will already have determined where Ireland can be found and where, within Ireland, County Leitrim lies. This project concentrates on the parts of South County Leitrim that are deemed within project scope. The areas of interest have been defined as those within the bounds of 6 Roman Catholic Parishes: Aghavas; Annaduff; Bornacoola; Cloone; Gortletteragh and Mohill. The geographical bounds of these areas are what matter, not the religious affiliations of any of their residents. An outline map of the boundaries of all County Leitrim Catholic Parishes will be found on R.C. Parishes of County Leitrim. This page, and others of relevance can be found under Notes on Places.

 The maps themselves are closely based on Ordinance Survey maps but are deliberately crudely drawn. Those wishing to see detailed and accurate maps, either modern or historic, should browse the Geohive maps.

Some notes on why these maps may be of more than passing interest will be found under The Relevance of Townlands. In addition, more focussed outline maps, one based on each in-scope townland, can be viewed at Townland Maps - but please read the introduction on that page for limitations and advice on how best to use.