Why this website?

This site was created in Summer 2018 to coincide with the publication of my book Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors.

It was created for three reasons:

  1. Publicise Tracing Your Leitrim Ancestors


2. Provide free information on selected Co Leitrim families

Explanations of the information provided can be found in Notes on the Data, in the Database description and in the Online Data description. But how it originated in the first place is worth an explanation in its own right - see Origins of this Website.


3. Offer a research service into Leitrim ancestry

While most of my work is now concerned with gathering data to further my studies of Leitrim genealogy, I continue to offer a professional research service. I also offer to provide detailed reports on any families or people that are shown on the site. For more details see Services Offered.