For those people into whose stories I have conducted detailed research the Sources Considered (click here for details) were all taken into account, but in addition several others were also checked, depending on the place, the time and the person. For this reason, the data held in the collection can vary greatly, from little more than a bare bones look at a life and its key events, such as birth, marriage, parentage and death, to something that gives a much fuller picture of the person's life.

The Sources Considered listing shows the sources checked for all people in this data collection. The listing consists only of sources that are available online, as a project of this size would not be feasible if only paper and film based sources were taken into account. In searching these sources, common sense has been used. For example, pre-1901 records such as Tithe Applotment Books or Griffith's Valuation were not searched for somebody born in 1902.