January 2024 Update

This present update was not originally planned. It comes about as a result of ongoing work on existing data aimed at producing various published articles and books. As part of that exercise I discovered that I had omitted a planned revisit to Tithe Applotment Books and Griffith's Valuation records. The outcome of that revisit was the addition of over 140 new people to the Yourleitrimancestors database, many of them the ancestors of people previously on the site. Thus a number of family lines now have earlier beginnings than previously shown on this site.

The ongoing work also included a revisit to those people previously marked with a Deferred Research status. In many cases I concluded that it is very unlikely that this deferred research would be concluded in any sort of reasonable timeframe, if ever, and so a number of people have had their research status changed to complete.

In July 2023 I uploaded what was then thought to be final batch of new people to the site, and also made a few other changes to the website. I forgot at the time to publicise this update via Facebook etc. Therefore a visit to the page relevant to that update would be useful now and it can be accessed here. Additionally listings of the people then added can be found here.

The new or amended people affected by the January 2024 update can be found as follows:

A numbers summary will be found on the Numbers page. A listing of people excluded because they are or may be still alive can be found on People Excluded.

Minor changes are that the Updates page is moved higher up the sidebar menu and the index of Possibly Related people has been temporarily removed as this entire topic needs to be revisited. It shall be restored at some future point.

This site can now be regarded as 'Frozen' in that, with the exception of correction of any clear errors such as assignment of wrong parent/child or husband/wife relationships, no new names or relationships will be added in the foreseeable future.

Changes to basic details such as corrections of BMD dates or places while analysis and preparation for publications continue. Indeed the latest update adds Baptismal data for around 80 people for whom it was missing before. Unfortunately there is no easy way for me to provide a listing of these additions.

Therefore I will continue to be grateful for any information users of the site care to offer - but must stress that it may often be a long time between my accepting and updating my records and the updates appearing on the site.

Finally, many thanks to all who have used the site in the past and encouraged me in my work.

Tom Coughlan, 26th January 2024